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Thursday, 20 September 2012

ZZ Top found frozen in beer dispenser

Just been listening to ZZ Top’s new album, La Futura.

Reckon it’s easily their best since Rhythmeen - and maybe even further back than that.

Nine years after their last studio set, the beards are back with ten short, sharp, sweet songs in just over half an hour, drawing on lessons learned from their back catalogue.

Chartreuse motors along like the classic Tush, while both I Don’t Wanna Lose You and Big Shiny Nine could be out-takes from the Eliminator album that made them household names.

Consumption rubs shoulders with the likes of  Bang Bang and Black Fly, and Heartache In Blue revisits the band's blues-wailing R&B roots.

When they slow things down, Over You is the album’s equivalent of Rough Boy, complete with a sublime Billy Gibbons guitar solo.

Not that they’re afraid to experiment – opener I Gotsta Get Paid is a blues boogie take on hip-hop hallmark 25 Lighters! Check out the song in the sensational video prank they played for Jeremiah Weed beer!

 Genius. Gotta get me one of those.

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