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Monday, 8 July 2013

Tom Robinson Band : Anthology 1977-1979 Review

They filled drunken student dancefloors with 2-4-6-8 Motorway, then released just two albums in a fleeting career that lasted as many years.

But 35 years ago TRB came up with Power In The Darkness, a combination of politics and rock and roll that was among the best of its era.

It’s here in its entirety as part of a triple-CD and DVD boxset, along with countless rarities and live tracks.

Essentials are Up Against The Wall, Ain’t Gonna Take It and The Winter of ‘79.

There are live versions, too, of (Sing If You’re) Glad To Be Gay, the song which became the unofficial anthem of the equality movement.

But Grey Cortina and Gordon still raise a wry smile amid the social commentary.

The DVD includes a Granada TV documentary on the band plus a couple of TV appearances and official promotional videos, too.

Look out, listen, can you hear it? There’s panic in County Hall all over again.

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