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Friday, 16 August 2013

Tierra Blanca : Shadowlands review

Somewhere over the pond Robert Rodriguez is soundtracking his latest movie.

He need look no further than Shadowlands, an album packed with moody wild western rock and stroll but, bizarrely enough, made by Brits.

John McKeown’s band serves up a Tex-Mex tapas of self-penned songs that recalls Rodriguez favourites Tito & Tarantula, as highlighted by the title track.

Both Beautiful Eyes and Only Love are dusty south of the border gems. Sex And Cash, meanwhile, finds the band moving up through the gears.

Unlikely covers include Prince’s When Doves Cry, Patti Smith’s Dancing Barefoot, Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart and Scott Walker's The Electrician.

But then there's a surprisingly good take on David Essex hit Rock On, all stick drums and south of the border guitar. It really shouldn't work - but it does.

This could be the year's hidden treasure. Go search it out today.

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