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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cooking hell: whole lotta love lost for Led Zeppelin

Heard the unmistakable strains of Led Zeppelin’s Heartbreaker coming from the TV the other day.

I rushed into the living room, expecting to see Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in all their glory.

There were two hairy blokes on the screen, sure enough, but not who I’d been hoping for.

It was self-styled Hairy Biker celebrity chefs Dave Myers and Si King, baking up a pie.

A few minutes later they were decorating a wedding cake with pink Love Heart sweets.

Cue a blast of Zeppelin’s classic Whole Lotta Love.

What the hell’s going on?

Remember when Led Zeppelin were famously precious about their catalogue, refusing to allow its use in adverts, computer games and TV shows?

The days when hardman Peter Grant ruled with iron fist, and never mind the velvet glove? When the band refused to release singles in the UK.

Because they were an album band. Proper musicians. Proper music.

A lot has changed since then. Money clearly talks when it comes to back catalogue.

But Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta Love as the soundtrack to reality TV fluff like this? I was just waiting for Custard Pie but it never materialised.

I have no idea who owns the Zeppelin canon these days but, c’mon, give the music a little respect, eh?

Peter Grant must be spinning in his grave.

Faster than a Kenwood mixer, in fact.

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